Praying for one another is a major part of bearing the burdens of one another. When you pray for others, it strengthens the relationship we have with God.

 God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.

Hebrews 6:10

Pastor Jeff Howell

and wife, Sandy

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As you  browse these pages, you will see many things our website brings to God's ministry.  We have endeavored to bring hope to the lost, comfort to the infirmed and broken in spirit and joy to Christians. We have provided several sermons to strengthen your walk with God and many lessons to help you grow in Bible knowledge.  Our choir music will lift your praises to God.

You have my personal invitation to visit and experience Terra Vista Baptist. Please feel free to call me if I can answer any questions about our church or provide guidance to any problem or concern.




Terra Vista Baptist Church

Thank you for honoring us by visiting our new website. By your visit, you demonstrate what we have all come to know - we are all part of a new trend in communications.  The Internet has changed the way we live and communicate. It is no longer the domain of the young but has spread to all age groups. The once feared computer is now common in nearly all homes and is found in schools, libraries and all businesses. With the advent of Wi-Fi, we can take our laptops to restaurants or parks and communicate via the Internet. The workplace is no longer just the office but wherever we want to work. We have replaced snail mail with e-mail, We no longer use the Yellow Pages but search on-line for the services we need.  Need a bargain? Find a church? Try a Google search. Yes, the way we communicate is changing and changing fast. This is not something to fear but embrace.  The Internet, properly used, can be a blessing to the church in fulfilling God's work. It is for this very reason that we created our website.