On the ABOUT AND HOME pages, you will find a general summary of our basic philosophies and beliefs as a fundamental Baptist church.  However, we are not your typical Baptist church.  We do not adhere to nor promote a rigid, hardcore philosophy as found in many Baptist churches.  Here are some additional things you should know about us:

We do not promote a dress code.  You can dress casually or your Sunday best.  Women are welcome to wear pants.

We do not promote one version of the Bible over another.  While our pastor generally reads from the King James version from the pulpit, he has the freedom to use any version he chooses.  Any person sharing the pulpit has the freedom of choice.  Study groups and teachers use a full array of versions.

Our Sunday School teachers do not use Standardized Quarterly Teaching Guides. We prefer comprehensive Bible teaching for God's Holy word.  Teachers are free to teach their classes as led by the Holy Spirit without interference by others.

We have Bible teaching classes for all age groups: pre-school, children's, teens, men's, women's and a couples class.  Classes are flexible.  Couples are free to attend class together or split to the men or women's classes. We have very knowledgeable, qualified teachers throughout all class rooms.  We conduct a Children's Church for pre-teens.

We believe in the healing power of prayer and have witnessed many miracle healing's in our church.  We maintain a daily prayer chain for all members, friends, relatives and our community. We are adding a community prayer boxes outside our church, so someone can drop in a prayer request; and we will pray for the needs of that individual. The prayer boxes are located on each side of the building, and can be accessed from your vehicle 

We believe in our responsibility in preparing the next generation of leaders.  We have a ministry for the teens in our church to promote fellowship and Christian principles to prepare good citizens of strong character.  The teens are currently building their own website.

Like other Christian churches, we support missionaries and their ministries.  However, the advent of the internet has provided us with new means to reach the lost and support the saved.  This website averages 2,500-3,500 visits per month with a large portion from former communist countries where freedom of worship is suppressed.  We offer several Bible lessons on this site to help those in need. 

We are strong believers in being progressive.  Our church and Fellowship Hall have full access to the internet.   You are free to use either your Bible or Bible app on your smart phone or tablet.  We use this technology to broadcast our morning service to the world, our Fellowship Hall and the church nursery.  In the near future, we will expand our service to include large flat screen monitors in the sanctuary to assist singing hymns without the need for hymn books.

In the Book of 1 Timothy, Paul tells us that Bishops (pastors) and deacons should be the husbands of one wife.  We depart from traditional Baptist doctrine that interprets these scriptures to mean pastors and deacons cannot serve in these positions if divorced and remarried.  We recognize that Paul was not speaking of divorce and remarriage.   He was alerting Greek and Roman gentile men, whose culture practiced polygamy, to be the husbands of one wife.  This is analogous to Christ's one bride, the Church.

Yes, we are Baptists, just not your typical expectation.  We are independent and not controlled by a governing organization. We are free to worship as we interpret the scriptures.  Here, you have the freedom to express yourself as lead by the Holy Spirit. If you want to shout, then SHOUT! If you want to say amen, then say AMEN! If you feel compelled and truly feel it is of God to run and shout, then by all means be obediant.  We are Baptists because we believe that once God has saved us, our salvation is eternal. 

If you would like to learn of some of our upcoming church events, please return to the ABOUT page. 


Hopefully, we have given you a fair presentation of who we are and what we believe.  If we are what you've been searching for, we welcome you to come visit us.  If you would like to discuss any point of our beliefs or have questions for pastor Jeff, please feel free to contact him at

Anyone and everyone welcome


Terra Vista Baptist Church


Thank you for considering a visit to our church. Regardless if  young or old, the color of your skin or your social status, all are welcome.  We are located behind the Taco Bell off Highway 58, just a few minutes from Highway 153.  The Google map can be expanded to assist you in locating our church.  You can park in either the east or west parking lots.  Handicap parking is only available in the west parking lot. 

Upon entering the vestibule, you will be greeted by a church member who will welcome you and assist you.  If you are attending Sunday school, someone will walk you to your class room.  Sunday school starts at 10 AM, the morning service at 11 AM and the evening service at 5 PM. 

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